Hawk Eye: Soaring

By blonk :: Monday January 24th, 2011

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Yeah!! My second game is FINALLY HERE!! PUZZLE SECRETS: Puzzle #1: When you first start the game, there is a door puzzle. Go down, if it doesn't open in a moment, start to move around. PUZZLE #2: BLOW UP THE NITROS AHEAD OF TIME!!! If you don't, kill your robo-wingman before he it destroys the nitros. PUZZLE #3: Figure this one out yourselfs! PUZZLE #4: If you chose the correct path, throw a bomb at the robot on the wall. The doors will open. PUZZLE #5: This one isn't really a puzzle. To get a quick kill, blow up the nitros after you kill the spider. PUZZLE #6: Try to get your robo-wingman through the obstacles. *** The rest is on your OWN!


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