Bloons Super Monkey 2 DEMO

By bloon :: Saturday July 20th, 2013

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*THIS IS A DEMO* *Recommended to play on Fast Mode* Super Monkey rockets out on a brand new mind-bendingly over the top scrolling shooter! Suit up a Super Monkey of your own invention by outfitting his three weapon slots with 60 amazing upgrades, and then fly like mad to give the bloons what they deserve – a volley of darts, boomerangs, bombs, magic, and tech right in the knots. Super simple controls mean anyone can play, but it'll take skill and smarts to win the prestigious bronze, silver, and gold trophies by defeating enough of the outlandish bloon formations and the powerful bosses. Top-tier epic powers, weapon-juicing research, powerups, and Ultimate Monkeys that channel destruction incarnate are all yours to discover and unleash. Challenge yourself to earn all 18 achievements and heaps of Awesome that go with them, including the incredibly tricky Diamond Trophy achievements. Now get out there and pop bloons for the good of all monkeydom – go, Super Monkey, go!


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