Chess master intellectual Only one

By blossom102938475 :: Sunday March 15th, 2020

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Hey, please ... vote for my games to win the contest,Chess master intellectual Only one or Chess master intellectual, is my first time on contest, I want win, my game has only 2 days after be published, with 92 views, thank you by the your attention...PLEASE,IF YOU THINK A GLITCH, WILL GO COMMENT. You is team white. Use only the your peaces, with the Mouse. In this game you will play against the computer, every move is tactically created for the game, WHETHER SPORTSMAN!! just get a piece of the game WHEN ONE OF THE PARTS BE DELETED if the computer attacking one of his pieces, be fair and make the battlefield. The tower moves forward and backward, right and left, how many houses you want, but you can not skip any other piece.The bishop moves diagonally keeping always in the houses of the same color that was early in the game and can go back and forth, how many houses you want, but you can not skip any other piece.The horse has a special move that resembles the letter L. The horse moves two places forward or back and then one place to the right or left, or 2 places to the right or left and then 1 home forward or backward. The knight is the only chess piece that can jump other pieces.The Queen, also known as Lady, is the most powerful chess piece, she can go forward or backward, right or left, or diagonally, how many houses you want, but you can not skip any other piece.The King moves only one square in any direction. The King can never move to a square that is under attack or capture a piece that is defended by an enemy piece. In the diagram the black king can only go up, because going left or diagonal will be under attack from the White Tower. When we study the special moves will see that there is a situation where the king can walk 2 houses.The only pawn moves forward, the only piece that does not move backwards. In the first flight of each pawn he can move one or two houses. At the second bid from each pawn moves it will just one house.


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