Black Salt City

By blueliberty :: Friday November 6th, 2009

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HERE'S THE STORY: my name is Gerard G. Folonzo and I don't have enought time to tell you this because the next invasion is probably about to start so here it goes! I was four. It was a peaceful day on earth. But not to long. June 1, 5406. I was in preschool when bombs hit the earth. BOOM! stuff exploads. Me, my classmates, amd my teacher are the only people to be seen. Then my mother hurdles in. She grabs me in her arms and runs away. More bombs. BOOM! More explosians. BOOM! Even more explosians. All I can see is dead bodies spanning the ground. More bombs. BOOM! The range of dead bodies gets bigger. We run. BOOM! More bodies. BOOM! More bodies. BOOM! More Bodies. BOOM! MORE BODIES! Me, my mom, and a news reporter seem to be the only people left. ON ALL OF EARTH. We seem to die for one moment but then a ship sweeps us away. We are sent to a distant planet when KABOOM! Bye earth. Earth has been destroyed forever! We have landed. What a day. I am reviewed by the reporter (even thought there is knowone to watch). "What did you see?" he asked. "Me playing with blocks when earth go BOOM!" I said. Just then, four visious looking thugs come by. They attack us. Bye mom. Bye Reporter. January 19, 5440. I have just survived another invasion. I must escape this planet once and for all. I have just completed an elitely built opsticale course. AN ESCAPE POD! But it's in a building that I can't enter! Crud! WAIT! I have an access pass that I stole. WAHOO! I get in. I leave. THE ESCAPE POD! I get in. IT'S A TRICK! Well, I've told you my story so far see you late... Oh, oh,OH!, NO! AHHHHH! THE INVASION HAS..................UH.....STAR......UUHHHHHHHHHHH............TED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!JUGT RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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