Brown Matter

By blueliberty :: Monday June 21st, 2010

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READ!!! I FIXED THE PROBLEM Dr. Hikochi (AKA Dr. Nice) was one of the most rich and popular scientists in the whole country. But after a lab accident, he went crazy. He hacked every radio station and TV channel and put out a message. "Hi this is Hikochi. You have probably noticed by now that I've sent a deadly chemical called the enic tonic into all of the water in the city. Enic AKA Brown Matter will poison your tongue and make your throught dry. Eventually, your throught's support will crumble and then you can't breathe. And then you die. Hope this brange fun". Now you and your team of special forces called the U.S.F.F (United Service Force Four) must go and destroy the Brown Matter source inside his secret underground lab.


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