So... This Game Is Kind Of A 'glitch' Game, Cool

Review by bobbler on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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Twist is a game created by danieling

Let me start by saying I wasn't expecting much from this game. Maybe like a map with some enemies half done right, well, I was wrong. (Again) This game is nothing amazing or a must play, but this game right here is one of the neatest glitch games I have seen. So don't get me wrong, this game isn't a must play Duck or Jessy or whatever game, but this game sure is epic in it's own way, an awesome little game. Good job on that right there, Danieling.

So the game starts you off in what appears to be a 'thinking' room. What I mean by that is, you'd die if you rushed. I kind of like these rooms, because they allow choices. Are you patient, or will you waste half your health just running out of there like a maniac? Good start to the game, and as we move on, we really experience what this game does.

As I look at the objective, I see "22 crystals" need to be collected. WTH. Luckily, the crystals we're almost perfectly distributed through the game. What I mean from this, you did not have to go in order of the crystals you needed to collect. You could go back if needed, you could go forward if it peeked your entrance, and whatever you wanted to do to complete this game.

I'm not going full into detail about the games whole gameplay itself. However, I will spill the glitching. The glitching in this game is amazing. I do love how he makes it so simple to just glitch in and out of a room. For example, at the very beginning, that spiky looking thing, that wasn't just a glitch, but also a puzzle. One wrong move, and you got stuck in it. Took me a few tries to figure out what to do, but once I did, I felt proud lol. Then ofcourse the other glitch room where you glitch IN and OUT of it. No hassle either, it seems he makes it just simple for you to get in, while it looks so complex.

Gameplay, one of the aspects of this game that fits the game the most. The gameplay here is stragetic. When I say that, I mean, you have to think before do. No running and gunning unless you want to die. Even the first key fight was stragetic due to the simple idea of putting and obstacle to help avoid the key. Yes, other parts of the game play were annoying. Especially the turrets and reversers. I didn't like that, you put no way to defeat them except the obvious.

Difficulty in this game wasn't that great. I beat this game with just about all my health. I'm not that well of a game player, so that shows that the game could've been a little more difficult. Although, that doesn't bring the score down alot.

Neither does the lag, although there is some. Especially towards the big rooms, where everything slowed down. I don't know if it was just my computer, but it feels like the lag was supposed to be there, because when I left the rooms, or went away from them, the game went back to regular speed. So the game doesn't lag alot, but it does on two or three parts.

Fun: __________
Glitches: __________
Sense of Choice: __________
Smooth (no lag): __
Game length: ____
Challenge: __

Score: 81%

Comment- Great mini game like game. This kept me going, and if you would've made it somewhat longer with a little more originality in some of the parts of the game, this would be so much higher of a score. Not that the score isn't already pretty good.