How About A Glass Of Fail?

Review by bobbler on Saturday, August 7th 2010
Click to play Glass of coke

Glass of coke is a game created by maxliam

Hi I'm bobbler and I'm here to tell you about your sacred game called Glass of Coke. How's it's not so SACRED and should be cherished as much as it is.

So here's the gameplay... You start out in a glass of coke. Hmmm... interesting. As my instincts are screaming to me, I move forward not knowing what will approach me. Suddenly, I get a crystal, mission accomplished in 2 seconds. Am I missing something here?

This game certaintly is the game that started a bunch of art on this site. Art isn't bad, but should not be considered the best or GOOD at any way what so ever. And right here is the mac daddy of art games, a FREAKING glass of Coke. Wow. How FREAKING original.

If you want to argue with this, you fail. If you think this is fun, you fail. It's a glass of coke in which you observe for less than two seconds. What i'm getting at here, is not to consider this game a legend. It is a memorable game because of the stupidity it brought us, not because it changed online gaming forever.

I give this a 0/10. Which is bad if you don't already know. I would've gaven it bonus points if it were Glass of Sprite.