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Review by bobbler on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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The Gauntlet is a game created by mackalacking

If you don't get that, play the game. And trust me, you'll know why. This game was based entirely on invisible walls. Now, i'm not going to go as far as saying it was the main thing he did, he spent way too much time on that blah blah blah and blah blah blah and whatever. This game is a robot game, said to be one of the best robot games ever made by Shay (I personally disagree, but i'm not going to hold this comment to grading this game in any way lol)

Alright, so if you atleast smart, you know that robot doesn't really make the cut when it comes to a 'good game creator.' Well, this is what most of us think. Even though some people prefer it, and make games on it, there are still very slim chances of having an epic robot game. We only have a handful of these games.. this is ranging to Duck, to the Bloodymare series, but it does range to macklacking. Does The Gauntlet make the cut?

Well, the answer is kinda complicated. Yes, and no is the simplest I can put it. Now, I can't go saying this is Duck material. It's just plain not. But here mack, I'll stop comparing your game and just focus on your game only.

Now, you start out in kind of cramped enviorment, in which I don't really like. Although, you put the action is a decent way. Although I can see every single thing that's going to happen in the next two minutes of the game, I guess that's alright. I'll keep going anyways just to get this over with. As you can tell, i'm not a big fan of The Gauntlet's layout, but hey, others might like seeing the whole map.. but this does stop halfway through. And that i'm thankful for.

The map was kind of messy. I know, this was on purpose. I know, I know. And before you say it, I know. It's just, idk, the messy gameplay didn't seem like the kind of fit for the game. Which brings me back to the enviorment, if was all cramped with the map being kind of messy. And I guess when i'm saying it, the gray kind of makes the game look really dull along with the rest of the attributes you put it in it. If you cleaned up atl east the either the cramp-ness or messiness part of the game (Not so much the color at all) then it would be much better. And I guess while we're at it, I didn't like that one beginning trap. Way too messy looking, and I could tell the trap was there because it was half on the screen, so it was obvious there was going to be a trap. This, aswell, atleast lightens down alittle bit halfway through, so that's good.

I guess you can say the gameplay was good. Probably one of the best things about the game is that you distributed the gameplay in a pretty well way. It wasn't nothing horrid or anything, just smooth gameplay. For that, bonus points mack. Although, I can say I am disapointed of the originality. I didn't see anything new or exciting that made me think "WOW THIS IS SO SUPER TOTALLY COOL ZOMG" And honestly, some things (For example: The placement of the trap teleporter could of been more cleverly placed)

Now, the style was great. I still liked the game because of the style. You can kinda tell this is a 'mack' game. Now, I can't really explain this, as of you probably already know what I mean too, but I can say, this didn't give the game an A .

And I know what you're thinking, "dude u totally just ripped that game apart yd u say its teh best robot gaem out thre?" Well, dude, I can say that this game was much better than most robot games. I purposely said it doesn't match to Duck so you would know i'm not talking about it being one of the most epic games alive. Because honestly, to me, it's not. I'm sorry mack, but you still did a good job..

Score: 80

Comment- Try it, and mack, keep it up.