Justin Bieber In The Girls Bathroom, Review By Bobbler

Review by bobbler on Sunday, June 24th 2012

Just to clear things up. Sceptile is banned forever. He's a jerk to people for the most part. But....

SCEPTILE IS THE BEST AT THIS BY FAR: He is REALLY good at making these games. This mainly is the truth because he puts SO much dedication into making his games amazing. The artwork, the sequences, and the creative, and actually kind of amusing gameplay fits together perfectly.

HE COULD'VE MADE THESE GAMES BETTER: Now, notice how I never said anything about the actual gameplay. This means the enemies and the difficulty. He made this game way too hard, unintentionally. Like when you try to jump above flames, your head may actually hit a wall and bounce you down. He does this with a lot of his games, but let's just focus on this game for now.

NOW, HE DOES HAVE SOME EPIC GAMEPLAY TOO: The wheel on Level 4 is actually pretty amazing. It took me like 50 tries LOL. This is actually fun because it's meant to be hard, and you know once you get past the wheel, you win the level, and if you lose, you start right back next to the wheel. Also, the level with the spinners is pretty intense too.

SCEPTILE'S PPG GAME SCORE: 10/10 (Phyics Game Creator)

SCEPTILE'S GENERAL GAME SCORE: 9/10 (Every Game Creator)


Justin Bieber In The Girls Bathroom Reviewed by bobbler on Sunday, June 24th 2012. Justin Bieber In The Girls Bathroom, Review By Bobbler - A game review written by bobbler for the game 'Justin Bieber In The Girls Bathroom' by sceptile. Rating: 4.5