A Piece Of Art

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 6th 2012
Click to play False 4

False 4 is a game created by darut1234

While it is important to review games that are being featured, I like to go back to simpler times. I like to review games that have gone through the test of time, only to be played and still seem like a master piece. Of course, an example of one of these games is none other than False 4.

To give a little background on the series, your name is False; a 14 year old boy who had his parents murdered at only the age of 7. Since then, False began to grow very strong, and become very smart. And where goodness lies, evil also tries to come along and kill False.

False 4 leaves off in an interesting point of the story. As the description says, False opens a document that says "Goodbye, False." and then he begins to fall through the floor. This kicks off the beginning of our game; what we like to call a 'Cold War' game. It has no enemies, which means no fighting really goes on in this game.

Although, who said that enemies should be able to swing or shoot at you to kill you? Darut makes perfectly normal objects, and basically tells them, "hey, do me a favor and kill the cr*p out of whoever plays this game." And, so they do.

I can name a few memorable scenes. If you make it far enough, you will make it to the perma-block room. Now here comes the spoiler alert. If you touch any of the perma blocks on the sides of the rooms, you will be trapped in the sequence, unable to break free.

The whole mood of the game is very different from other games. This game has a simple goal, just not to fall off, or get stuck somewhere on the map. That's it. Harder said than done, of course.

This is a great game, coming from an even greater series. If only Darut could make a game like this with the tools we have today. That would be the day. But until then, all we have to enjoy now are his masterpieces, such as this one, and the others scattered among his game page.


I'll give you ten tries on this game before you rage.