Today Was EGD Day (Epic Game Drop)

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 6th 2012
Click to play Oceans

Oceans is a game created by swallowthesun

So, I won't even attempt with the date, because for some reason, I also get it wrong. Never the less, today was a day we people in the community call Epic Game Drop; or EGD for short.

This is a specific day, hosted by a somebody (in this case, it was Whtever this year) that everybody will release the best game that can. We have had months preparing our games for this day, making sure they could possibly be the best we could make them. Games like Lonely Roads, by a user named Spellmage, InfinityRim by a user named netshark, and Locked Out by a user named Splatter are all just samples of the huge day it was for game making.

Today, I will be reviewing one of the games EGD has offered us. You might say it is the 'creme of the crop.' And the truth is, it is. Oceans is exactly what the name says. No tricks, no gags.

As I like to do, I will fill you in with the backstory of Oceans. You are a lone warrior, with the game starting off in a village. This mysterious village, although beautiful and seemingly one with nature, is ironically induced to frequent storms and earthquakes. The true nature of this game is foreshadowed once one of the characters says 'an earthquake is a sign of evil'

But, like any good game, that's just the beginning. This is an RPG, (in other terms, really long game with a story) so the setting inevitably changes. One very notable thing about the scenery, (setting) of the game, is the ships. They are huge, and show that she put a lot of work into them. I don't just throw the term 'a lot of work' around loosely either. These ships are so well detailed, and with the water surrounding you when you on the bottom levels of the ship, it gives you a sense of amazement. Well, at least it gives me that. What, not everybody gets turned on by video games? Pfft. Weirdos.

So yeah, I guess we could talk about the storyline. We've been hearing about this games genuine storyline from the blabber mouth (i'm just joking, swallowthesun ;D) herself and how amazing the story was going to be. Well, good thing she wasn't kidding. The story surely did back up much of the weird cr*p that was going on. The off color conversations between other characters was amusing too.

The gameplay is also pretty fun. Gameplay isn't that hard to utilize. But I mean, you know, she didn't fail at it. She added some cool stuff, (like you seen in the pirate movies, Pirates of the Carribean, anybody?) such as movable boxes to dodge the arrows and swings of your fellow pirates. The sky high battles on top of the masts of the ship were also pretty epic. Epic enough to make you fall a hundred feet if you got hit bad enough. Yeah, that epic.