Is He Underrated?

Review by bobbler on Saturday, October 13th 2012
Click to play The Mouth of Madness: -2-

The Mouth of Madness: -2- is a game created by ghost111

Or was he simply just forgotten? For people who have been on Sploder years ago, you may remember a user named Ghost111. Chances are you haven't, and chances are you also think I'm mildly attractive (Hey, it's just statistics). This site has a lot of game makers out there, shamelessly blending together the same games with the same formulas. Then you have people like Ghost111, so lets get to it.

Ghost111 is an underground game maker making underground type games. Excuse my irony (or die), but to be more specific, the 'underground' type games that Ghost111 makes have a dark sort of color to it, and scenery giving the sense that his games take place, well, underground.

If you couldn't already tell, this review is basically giving Ghost111 the respect he most rightfully deserves. The game itself that I so kindly linked to you (that will be 20 bucks..) is a perfect blend of a artistic and beautiful scenery of a map along with borderline epic gameplay.

Kind of just like all his games. Go play them right now. Right. Now.

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