Locked Out: Again

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 11th 2014
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Locked Out: Again is a game created by splatter


Locked Out: Again is a game made in celebration of Epic Game Drop. In this tookewl-inspired ship game, you play for the one simple goal of winning. Working your way through puzzles that will make you think in new ways and sequences that deserve a round of applause is the ride that Splatter's new game has to offer.

"... made with heart and creativity..."

As time goes on, making a new and original game gets harder and harder. Most people end up releasing games that blend in with the rest of them, and then there are certain games that are made to stand out. Telling the difference between a game that was made with heart and creativity versus a game that was made to pale in comparison with all the others can be done by simply clicking to play this game here.

"fresh and new"

Clearly, I believe this game stands out above the average. The sheer creativity and progression that Splatter showed with his puzzles and mysteries that it is still possible to come out and release a game that is fresh and new. The steady flow of the game is matched with helpful hints that make this an adventure, rather than a game that turns into trial and error, and unneeded restarting of the game a bunch of times.

"...straightforward puzzle type sequences with awesome action..."

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. The mixture of puzzle-type sequences with the awesome action and enemies that you have to fight make for a great game to pick up and enjoy. I actually enjoyed playing this, and that's the center of what makes a game great. The genuine fun and fresh air that this game brings to the table makes me have to admire you, Splatter.

"However, this game is flawed."

Now, this game truly is great. However, the game is also flawed. The puzzles were newer version of previously used puzzles, such as a scene of the boss and another regarding mortars. Still though, those scenes were recreated well by Splatter. I have to say that the sequences are certainly creative, but the game isn't new in general. The game nearly misses the hint of true perfection.

I give this game an


A great game with minor flaws.