Review by bobbler on Sunday, July 12th 2015
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Life in POW Camp is a game created by jackjoshseb

Have you ever been to POW camp on the Sploder Forums? It's not a fun place to be, in fact, "No fun is allowed." Rule breakers are sentenced there for however long the Moderators think you should be there.

In this game, you are the rule breaker. Playing as JJS himself, you give an infamous banned member, Iron, the password to one of your accounts so he can post on the forums. However, things quickly take a sour turn as you end up in POW camp.

This game portrays different real life members of the community in this light hearted story that draws you in from the moment you start, giving you an in-depth look of our forum and tinychat culture. The best way I can describe this shooter is an action game with cutscenes.

So let's break this down into two parts, the story and the gameplay.


A little background about JJS is that he is one of our most talented ship game makers, putting out a consistent output of great quality games. Putting all of that aside, let me give me unbiased opinion. So, let me sit you down and break this game down to the core.

Each gameplay scene seems to come after further progressing into the story. I like this because it gives the player some time to rest and get ready for whatever is next. However, each great idea comes with it's flaws that can be perfected. In this case, the transitioning seemed a bit sporadic. Meaning, sometimes there would be enemies in places where I would be trying to read the story. That was a minor annoyance in a rather innovative idea.

Now, it seems like JJS enjoys "room" oriented battle scenes because he puts you in a space enclosed with enemies, and he does it seamlessly well. The battle scenes were a little bit of thinking, and a lot of fighting. I enjoyed the variety in each scene, however, I did not enjoy dying in almost every single one of them. Haha, it was a bit harder than I would have hoped for. Definitely not a game someone can pick up and beat. Regardless, I don't think JJS intended it to be easy.

I think my favorite battle scenes were the key battles, to be honest. Although they were the harder ones. (I died on the red key about 50 times.)


The story gets its own breakdown because JJS blended the story into the game very nicely and thoroughly.

The story is original, quirky, and overall just a good time. A great fit for a Sploder game, as the mechanics and looks of Sploder games don't really seem to be all that serious anyways. JJS seemed to have the whole story laid out before making this game, which definitely gives the game much more validity. Either way, I enjoyed the twists and turns the game kept taking, and definitely served as the cherry on the pie for this sweet game.

However, I do have some light criticisms. I call these opinions of mine 'light' because I understand the difficulty of making graphics in the ship creator. It's just not an easy, basically handfed task like the other creators, as you have to hand make them from scratch with the little resources you have. In fact, I loved every single little idea JJS had when he gave this game to us. I just thought that the text, and the pictures made with the polygons throughout the game were a bit sloppier than I can imagine JJS doing. That's really it, spot on, phenomenal story with a bit of a sloppy appearance.

However, I have to say one of my favorite parts of the game was the moment you get entered into POW Camp, that solidified this game as one to remember for me as the tone of the game changed.

My Rating

This game truly shows the potential of somebody like JJS. However, potential leaves room for improvement. This very appealing game could have had MASSIVE appeal if executed a bit more professionally. The feel and direction of this game were refreshing to say the least, however, the scenery looks a bit rushed. Lighter gameplay and more health for those picking the game up and trying it out would have allowed everyone to access the, front to back, amazing game JJS had to offer.



Life in POW Camp Reviewed by bobbler on Sunday, July 12th 2015. LIFE IN POW CAMP EGD REVIEW - A game review written by bobbler for the game 'Life in POW Camp' by jackjoshseb. Rating: 0.5