Murderer Escaping Prison In This Action Game

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 17th 2015
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Seven Hills is a game created by timerider567

Today we have the classic veteran reviewing a newcomer's game. In this case, I am the veteran, reviewing our very own Timerider567's new game Seven Hills. In this Ship Action game, you are a murderer, or a psycho, or some sort of psycho murderer, if you will.

Basically, the plan is to blast through all your enemies and escape out of prison because you like to kill people for enjoyment. (i'm not kidding)

The Gameplay

Timerider doesn't exactly leave much to go off of in his new game released for Epic Game Drop 9 (EGD 9), so I guess the main component, action, is what this whole review will be based off of.

The game is a solid 3-4 minutes depending on who you ask, and serves as, as nicely as I can put this, just another shooter game. Although the game is mediocre, that simply means it has good qualities to match the equally bad ones.

I'll say the good news first. The game has enemies well put so you can strategically worm your way through, piece by piece. Or you can simply show how much mad skill'zzz you have and just push your way through like your Johnny Cage, or something. It was simplistic, yet short and compact enough to give you an entertaining ride for a couple of minutes.

However, everything in this game is simply a rehash of what has been done before. Although a story seemed to go along with what Timerider made, (the sadistic killer escaping prison), I see no resemblance of a prison, nor do I see any type of plot unfold. It's just another shooter map, with some enemies, and some obstacles. Sadly, that may have passed for amazing years ago, but now we have objects in the game creators that allow for much more vast and interactive gameplay.

Sadly, this game was not engaging or interactive. Rather, a shoot'emup cloaked as a game with a purpose.

My Rating

Timerider, you are fairly new and would not take my words to heart. But please listen to what I am saying, as I'm only trying to help you improve. If you are going to make a simple shoot n' run type game, keep it that way. Build on that, and center your game around the action and fun. But if you are going to attempt a story-driven game telling your players that this is a prison and you are a sadistic killer, you have to make these elements seem real.

Sadly, this game didn't do that. Although, it did somewhat hold it's own in the aspects of gameplay and a fairly decent look.