*Plays* *Dies* *Plays* *Dies* *Plays* *Dies*

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 17th 2015

CYBER INFILTRATION is a game created by sticki

Where do I even start with this game? I suppose we'll take it all the way back to the beginning.

Nextet Presents..

a game in which you are a hacker, and your goal is to hack, you frickin hacker. Do it, DO IT, DO IT!!! But seriously, that's really all it is. You're a guy, who is always smiling even though constantly dying for some odd reason, who's life mission is to hack stuff.

The intro was definitely cool, and opened my half closed eyes in intrigue. Beautifully simple, explanatory, and helpful so you know what's coming in the game, and what to do about it when it does come. And boy, do these little buggers come at you.

The first sector was a nice little tutorial like endeavor where it introduces you to some of the aspects this game has to offer. The safe zone, the error spaces (yeaah, don't touch those), and of course, the bug looking enemies who are really obsessed with you and must touch you.

Now, I don't know why they want to touch you, possibly because you are insanely attractive, but they are definetely a cool enemy my friend nextet added as a placeholder in a game he would hope be acclaimed as one of the greats.

Is it great?

In my opinion, and in short, it comes pretty close. I give him props for embarking on making your own game, with your own rules, own enemies, and own ideas. The game seems genuine, and everything seems to be exactly how Nextet intended.

However, that does not take away from the insane difficulty you encounter throughout the game. From Sector 2 and on, the game becomes a chore, and luckily, it's addictingness kept me going for about, hmmm, 42 or so more times before I called it quits.

I did get to experience each piece Nextet had to offer, while I definitely found going through walls as a staple in this game that pushed it into it's very own. Unfortunately, many people won't be able to experience the cool ideas, powerups, and actually pretty awesome sectors that I did, all because it is hard. I mean like hard, hard. Like a rock and a dumbbell had a baby type hard.

My Rating

This game is concise and self exaplanatory about what it is. It hides nothing but the fact that it is a game where you are a hacker, and you must progress through harder and harder levels of hacking, with beautiful scenery, (I loved the dark green background in the very back, I'm not sure why), beautiful graphics, and an addicting premise. However, it's addicting gameplay does not out weigh the extreme difficulty you are faced with. And for that, this excellent game becomes less excellent.


Not quite an 8 due to it's flaws, yet would be significantly higher if not for those same flaws.