Wii Uz, Or Why Me?

Review by bobbler on Friday, July 17th 2015
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Wii Uz is a game created by kiwibananaz

I am feeling very unoriginal at the moment, so the name of the game, Wii Uz, is the name of the review. Deal with it man.

Just now playing through one pretty easy game, and two extensively challenging games has me exhausted, but the quest continues to find out the quality of these EGD 9 games. So we move on to Kiwibananaz game.


I do like Kiwis, and I do like bananas, but sadly, I think that's where our similarities end. Because I did not find this game to very enjoyable in it's 3 minute run.

Sadly, I can't really give many compliments aside from the fact that you are knowledgeable about what different objects do, I suppose. Now Kiwi, you entered Sploder's biggest tournament, so I am going to give you a serious review of this game.

The Gameplay

Lacking a story, which in no way is a bad thing, leaves this game all up to how it presents itself in turns of gameplay. I did like the fact that you sort of communicated with the player throughout the game, giving encouraging messages, and sometimes riddles which help you solve the, although very easy puzzles, much faster.

Starting off was not too bad, your average shooter with some regular gameplay, dodging and shooting and whatnot, up until you reach the invisibility. Although, the buildup to said invisibility is admittedly very easy and not very intuitive.

The next scene is what drastically lowered my thoughts on this game. Dragging through the mud basically leaves you an open target for a bunch of cannon balls on your face. Kiwi, I speak for all of Sploder when I said I do not like being cannon ball'd in the face without some sort of other option. Nope, you must slug through the scene while cannons fall on your noggin.

So, moving on past some more general gameplay, with a not too bad key boss fight, is my next concern that simply kept my expectations at that same low. The lava is also unavoidable, and just chips away at your health, basically leaving it up to hope that you still have enough health to go in there. (spoiler, you have to go in the lava)

The mojo was a nice gesture, but otherwise, ill placed and kind of awkward between two nitros. So yeah, I'm all like cool, I just took a mojo bath, feeling all strong again and whatnot, and what do I run into?

Around one million turrets, or something pretty close to that number. It lagged my screen up and forced me to hide and shoot out little bots to do my work. Kind of tedious and just seemed like waiting more than anything.

And... I mean, that's really it. The best way to review this game was to give you, Kiwi, a quick skim of my experience throughout the game.

My Rating

Now obviously this isn't going to be a 10. Lol, however, I truly hope you take some good from the bad and continue to improve. Leaving your player in hopeless situations much like the flag, and the cannonballs on your face do not make for fun, nor engaging, nor provocative gameplay.


A 2 felt mean.