Jumpie Review

Review by bobbler on Tuesday, December 1st 2015
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Jumpie is a game created by makever

Who is Makever?

Makever is a new game maker. Coming off the top of last year, he has two big games to his name (Jumpie and Cooperators). In fact, they are his only two actual games he has. Makever is kind of a mystery when it comes to his game making. The two he has released are so good that they are easily the best on Sploder. Yet, he keeps very silent about any new games he is working on. It's spooky, but were past Halloween, so instead of being scared, I'll be embracing any gifts that Makever may treat us with for Christmas.

The Review

Jumpie is Makever's first Physics Puzzle Game he has ever attempted to make. Before this game, Makever has tried his hand at making cool looking intros, epic looking graphics, and a few random things here and there. But, a few months later, Makever's first attempt at a real Sploder game came out. This game is Jumpie.

Jumpie starts out with a lush introduction. The color schemes are exquisite, and everything flows like a true flash game you'd find on gaming sites like AddictingGames.com (I don't even know if this still exists). This shocked me. Not because I didn't believe in Makever, but because I didn't believe anyone could do something like this. The introduction lets the player know that you're a bunny rabbit. Your name is jumpie. All you can do is jump. The introduction is amusing, good looking, and if you hate good looking things, you can even skip it! It's all so simple and laid out for you.

Then the game starts bro. I'm calling you, the reader, bro. Because bro, you have to play this game bro. I'm talking to all of you bros. This game is insane. It starts out just as beautiful, if not MORE stunning than the introduction. With immersive tree graphics, enemies on rusty chains, and directions that are easy to read as if it is text on a keyboard, Makever sets a tone for the game that he really didn't mess around. This game is serious, its seriously made, yet on the outside, its so whimsical, fun, and enjoyable. My point is that everything you need in a game is there.

Some people may ask, "What is everything you need in a game then?" You need an idea, you need to stick with that idea, and you need to let the player know your idea. Makever's idea was that you can only jump to the left and right. He took this idea and went with it. I mean, he clearly worked hard and went all the way to home plate with this game. And even with all the hard work behind the scenes, the player was given plenty of directions and guidance throughout the game. Makever wanted you to experience the entire game, and enjoy it. He wanted his vision to be seen, and it was.

Do I come across a few problems? Sure, the sloppy jumping scene here and there. But hey, I can find that same problem in my Black Ops 3 disc. A few redundant parts that really don't seem all that bad when the game is this beautiful. This "negative" section part of the game isn't going to be long, if you couldn't tell. So lets just end it there.


What else can I say? I encourage true game makers on this website to go and make games like this. Because you will be recognized, and you will go down as legendary. In my opinion, this game is legendary. It is dang-near flawless. Sploder games should be more like this, that way we all can enjoy what the game has to offer.