Locked In Review

Review by bobbler on Thursday, June 10th 2010
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Locked In is a game created by tookewl

I thought I would start by saying this is just about as good as a game can possibly get on Sploder. Everyone who prefers art, or impossible games, or rollercoasters, just take a moment to inhale what a true game the Sploder game making engine can create.

Now, if you haven't already played a Tookewl game before, you should probably try one out. These are the type of games that resemble genius.

For the review of the game, i'm going to just say it was completely amazing. Tookewl starts you out in a puzzle (Which yes, people, is possible) in which you have to find a way to kill the guard, so he doesn't explode that nitro and ruin your chances with a nice invisible to get you to the next part. If you don't know already, a puzzle is something that makes the player think about what to do. This is a good example of a puzzle.

Throughout the game now, everything completely revolutionizes games on Sploder. With a completely new and thought of boss concept, which was actually pretty nice if you decide to play the game and fight it. A new puzzle which makes you think differently of how to use a guard. And even, a genius pathway full of invisible lines and doors.

Now, you can think of this game as "different rooms" to conquer. Which basically, is the best way I can desribe it. I can't tell you the next three rooms though, I don't want to spoil the whole thing for you. I can say though, if you make it there, you won't regret it.

Sums it up

Throughout the game, tookewl never lets down or dissapoints or stops even at the slightest.


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