Johhny Test

By bolsillos :: Wednesday June 29th, 2011

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The game is now done! Johnny Test Intro (Season 2 Theme, opening song) Lyrics: ( Joh-Joh-Johnny Test, Joh-Johnny Test ) Got a head of firey hair and a Turbo Charged backpack, His Genius sisters use him like a lab rat, A neat freak dad at home a super busy mom (Johnny Test), The boys best Freind is a talking dog,(Talking dog thats right), Extreme team teens and a air breathing shark, Mega action game control and skating in the park, A ferrel buster BlingBling what do we make of this (what to we make of th-), Johnny Test (This is the Life) Johnny Test, This is a life of a boy named Johnny Test (What do we make of), Huh, Huh Johnny Test ( This is the life) Johnny Tes (named johnny), This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test!!!! Enjoy this game!


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