Trial And Error

Review by boredgame on Friday, October 28th 2011
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Free Runner Neon is a game created by lcraniuml

As my first review, I will be giving my opinions on Free Runner Neon by lcraniuml. True that this game has been published a while back but nonetheless, it is still a very good game that deserves another review.


I’d never expect a game like this. Though lcraniuml has gotten quite a diverse collection of featured games, this is the only Physics Puzzle Game in the list. From the thumbnail, I could see how well constructed this game is. Unfortunately, you can’t judge a game by its thumbnail. The name however, doesn’t state much of the game but looking more into the details, I can expect that this game is not going to let me get by so easily.


After almost nine minutes of trial and error trying to finish this game, I can say this game has not disappointed. The thumbnail pretty much reveals what your goals would be for most of this game. That is, lead the grey octagon past all obstacles to reach your goal. Once you’ve done that you move on to the next level. It seems easy enough but lcraniuml knows how to set a challenge. There are times when I’d just go straight ahead to the direction of the goal carelessly but that has just proven that you can’t take any level for granted unless you plan to lose. This kind of game takes time, focus and just a bit of analysis to get past the levels. These obstacles may look easy to surpass as they are also small in number but you shouldn’t underestimate these little red blocks.

At first, it seems like this game has a very similar concept to other games I played however, the further you get, you can clearly see how well thought out this game really is. The game is presented simply but the challenge and puzzle it holds cannot be taken for granted. There aren’t much hazards in the way of your little octagon but whenever there are any hazards, don’t expect them to be as easy as they seem. Aside from that, I can say that the way the octagon moves provides a new set of challenges in this game. This octagon does not simply move from left to right; instead, it rotates. This type of movement has proven its difficulty to me as I was having trouble getting past a few obstacles using this type of movement but in some other levels, it has been a huge help getting me out of sticky situations. This is a good thing as moving side to side would probably have given its viewers a bigger chance of winning.

As for the overall design of the game, I can say its simple design matches the gameplay very well. If there were too much design, it may just distract the viewers from the real goal. The blocks were very creatively and strategically placed as well; they each had their own function and did their parts very well. The hazards were very well placed; each hazard serving their purposes beautifully while giving the players of this game some anxiety. To add to that, the blocks were placed in very well that it does not give a cramped feeling to the game. There is not much of a variety of colors found in each level but the blocks were very well colored; it was just one simple color – basic but elegant although it would have been better to have brighter colors for the game to look more neon.

I could consider this game addicting because my frustration fills me with the determination to get back there and finish the game. Once you get to one level you have to think of a strategy to get past the almost hard to see puzzle to reach that goal without getting any damage. Advancing further into the game, you face more challenges though similar to the previous one; don’t expect it to be as simple. Personally, I found myself clenching my fists and yelling at the screen whenever my pentagon touches that bright red hazard but that’s exactly how I’d describe a good game – fun and frustrating. This game has served its purpose as a game; it has occupied my time and kept me well entertained. After a while of playing this, the game doesn’t seem as fun anymore; although the challenge still remains, the game does not provide a sense of craving for more.


Creativity: ____/_____

I would have liked the colors more “neon” but the simple design matches beautifully to the gameplay.

Placement: _____/_____

In my point of view, there is not a block out of its place and each one is placed strategically serving its purpose in the game.

Addictiveness: ____/_____

As much as I got addicted to this game, once you know what to do, it gets boring and less fun.

Difficulty: ____/_____

This game has proven very difficult to surpass though there may be a few instances where the gameplay gets dull and too easy to finish.

Overall: ____/_____


Free Runner Neon is a game based on strategy and focus wherein without those two; you’d be stuck at the first level. I can say this game is filled with unique style and just the right amount of challenges to puzzle you but it makes this game possible as well as difficult to those who play this. Also, the game has a very simple yet unique style of its overall layout throughout the game. Lcraniuml has done a good job in this game giving it much challenge and finishing it up with a simple and innovative game.

Feature Worthy?

I'd say, yes. Packed with puzzles and challenges, Free Runner Neon definitely fits right in that 'Featured Games' list. Although this isn't the most recent game, I can definitely say this game stood the test of time. Even though there were a few additions to the PPG maker, lcraniuml certainly did an excellent job at this game. Some people say its old but surely, even with the new additions, this game has proven better than most of those graphic-filled games. This game has definitely deserved its feature.


Free Runner Neon Reviewed by boredgame on Friday, October 28th 2011. Trial And Error - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Free Runner Neon' by lcraniuml. Rating: 4