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Review by boredgame on Sunday, December 18th 2011
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Physics crystals 2 is a game created by yugioh77

Good day whoever you are reading this review. :3 Before I start my review, let me tell you a story as to how I came across this game... As I was scrolling the posts on the forums, I came across a thread posted by a friend of mine. I clicked it and saw it was a game that he made. The game was called Physics crystals 2 by yugioh77. Filled with curiosity, I went to the link that he posted and played the game. It didn't seem like much at first but as I started playing those seemed to have changed. I died at the first level, unfortunately. But by some miracle, I've gotten as far as the last level to give a constructive review on this game. The end. Now, onto my real review.


Yugioh is one of my best friends on sploder. I met him on the forums but I don't have a clear image on his stand as a game creator. I've already played some of his games in the past but none of which I was able to complete. I've never really played the original Physics crystals so I don't have a clue on the mechanics of this game. Based on my observations from his previous games, he's got some potential in his games especially on his PPGs. But I can't tell for sure as I've only played some of it. All I can expect now is a challenging game.


Physics crystals 2 is a frustratingly addictive game. I enjoyed running from the enemies that try to stalk me as I try to get the crystals together without dying. The game has some dull moments at some certain points but the rest of the game is more of action-packed enemy dodging as you try to make the two colored circles to touch scoring you two points per pair. This is a fast-paced kind of game where if you slow down and stop controlling your square, you die. Just like that. If you let your guard down for a sec, chances are, you'll lose the game within a 10 seconds. As you play this game, you'll notice how the gameplay grows increasingly better and more difficult and addicting than the last. I enjoyed most of all how the game makes me go "FUUUUU-" if I don't get it right and how I feel like a boss once I get past each enemy. Overall, the gameplay was very entertaining. -applause-

The game was hard. Frustrating would be the perfect word to describe this game. It's not a bad thing either. I enjoy games that give you a sense of frustration. That's what makes a game fun. Many of those little stalkers follow you around but they're not nice at all. I find it tiring to dodge my enemy but if I slack off, I'd have to replay the whole level and my hard work would be wasted by one enemy. ;_; Another word that can describe this game is FUUUUUUUUUUU- Yep, I've probably said FUUU lots of times playing the game each time the enemy chases me and steers me away from those crystals. There are some tricks to getting past your enemies and getting the crystals but its best you work it out on your own.

The placement wasn't perfect but most of them were at the right places. I found the extra lives that yugioh77 placed in the game were unnecessary. I didn't quite see the point of the extra lives as I was able to pass most levels without losing any lives. I've just found the perfect meme for this: Y U PUT EXTRA LIVES? The enemies were all placed in the right areas. All hazards as I saw them, served their purposes although I was able to dodge them like a boss. >:D From what I saw as I was playing, most of the blocks have been placed in the right spots. There a few of them that weren't put in the right places but that was just minor.

The design was very good considering yugioh77 didn't use graphics for his game. It wasn't exactly the kind that makes you go "Whoa! HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?" It contained just the right amount of design. Even if he didn't use any graphics, the design was good overall. He's done a good job designing each level to match the description. I didn't find anything wrong with the design nor did I find anything too eye-catching. Overall, the design was very good.

The down side however was the lack of puzzles this game has provided. To be honest, I didn't actually see a puzzle. I don't know if yugioh77 intended it but I would've really liked more of a puzzle for his game to enhance the gameplay. -Yugioh, Y U NO ADD PUZZLES?- Another let down were certain parts of the game where you just move your small square around as your enemies just stand there watching you like the little stalkers they are. Those were the dull areas of the game, in my opinion. It may have been intended for some 'breathing space' but I would've liked less of that for more the fast-paced action that his game provided. Also, the game may have been fun but I was disappointed at the lack of 'new' challenge as I advanced. Each level was the same but with much more difficult opponents. The game would've been more exciting if something new were to be introduced as you venture further into the game, so that part was rather disappointing.


Gameplay: ____/_____
Originality: ____/_____
Addictiveness: ____/_____
Placement: ___/_____
Design: ____/_____

Overall: ___.8/_____


Physics crystals 2 is a very well-constructed game by yugioh77 filled with fast-paced enemy dodging. I enjoyed playing this game as my expectations were exceeded by a great game from an undiscovered talent. I haven't played much games like this and I'd love to see more of yugioh's work in the future. The game for me isn't quite ready to be featured due to its repetitiveness and the lack of puzzle that I've found quite unsatisfying.


Physics crystals 2 Reviewed by boredgame on Sunday, December 18th 2011. Like A Boss - A game review written by boredgame for the game 'Physics crystals 2' by yugioh77. Rating: 3