King of Hearts

By burningleaf :: Friday July 6th, 2012

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You and your girlfriend broke up. Sending you in a deep depression because you still love her. a lot. Well a week has past and you couldn't take being this depressed, so you get some feelings out by sending your ex girl friend a text saying very sweet things and you say how much you love and miss her. Without knowing your girlfriend started liking you a lot again. But she still had her new boy friend. She sent her new boy friend the text that you sent her. Without you knowing. right after you get done texting her you go on a walk, but you know it won't be safe because you are in the ghetto side of st. louis. But you really don't care because you are too depressed to even care a little. Her new boy friend was mad at you for still liking her. furious in fact. so he got gathered up his friends and jumped you. Beating you to a pulp but then you look over, and see your brother trying to rescue you. but you get a blow to the head sending you into a coma. In your coma you wake up in a forgotten keep. But you have anesia it turns out you are a king of an ancient land. You must protect your kingdom from the king of hearts. You and your new friends go on a quest to free the land from that evil tyrant. You must slay the King of Hearts ending: It is the end of your coma, and you are by an old water well. You remember that place it is a couple miles away from your house. Your brother is slowly dieing... He takes off his gloves and leaves them by the old water well. Then he slowly fades away into the sunset, saying "sayonara, brother" with a fake smile on his face. You wake up from your mini coma in your ex-girl friends house, she found you and your brother out cold in the rain. But your brother died. You maraculously survived. You look over and see your ex-girlfriend walking toward you with a huge smile. She gives you a light kiss and then she climbs in bed with you... and you guys cuddle, then you both fall into a deep sleep.... a couple of days later, you walk to the well that your brother died at in your dream... and you see his gloves he left there...


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