Wolfworld 1.1

By camus :: Tuesday June 19th, 2012

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This is the pack mode of Wolfworld 1. Grab a buddy and battle the elks! Remember that you share your lifes. One gets hit, both wolfes get damaged. Make sure not to get your packmates angry by losing a lot. Only a foolhardy pack would battle a 500 pound grizzly. Watch out for them as they take whole lifes while elks do small damage. But if you met with an elk herd, they can take higher damage, too. Simply, enyoj this new enviroment. Also special thanks to my cat with the same shape of the yellow wolf that finally gave me an idea of how to make the second player and to Votador for the whole idea of the game. Umm and maybe special thanks to me for making the game... So Canela, Votador, and me. Now go and fight some elk.


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