Bonfire Night

By captain1234 :: Thursday November 5th, 2015

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Well today is the 5th of November and I would like to say it's Bonfire Night and since it's a special occasion I have decided to tell you that I would be saying this game will be for that but it not got much about the Gunpowder plot expect for some text on it about it in the game so I just made a game to celebrate it since it's Bonfire Night and the other thing I have to tell you is that version 4 now I think of Jack's Adventures will not be published until next week maybe, it's may not be unloaded on Friday due to this week I am very busy and the next week as well and I am sorry for that. It was suppose to be for today but due to the problems I am saying ti would not be done until maybe next week so yeah sorry but I hope you enjoy this game and there will be another game for Remembrance Day so yeah!

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