Happy Halloween

By captain1234 :: Saturday October 31st, 2015

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Hello everyone and I hope your having a nice Halloween and for all those people out there that don't enjoy Halloween and just want to stay indoors and watch Halloween or scary films, hand out candy to little kids or just and be scared of the monsters and ghosts outside just play this game and I made it specialty for Halloween and I hope you enjoy it and I know it not that good but I spent time into making it and I am sorry but I ran out of time so what your playing should be okay but it could of been better I am sorry! I hope you check out all my other games such as Jack's Adventures v1 and v2 and project 1. I may be late uploading v3 of it for you so yeah sorry I spent time making this game and others when I should have been studying but enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

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