Jack's Adventures V0.3

By captain1234 :: Sunday November 1st, 2015

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This is version 3 of Jack's Adventures and I have to say I am sorry that there has not been much change in the game. The game has not changed much due to I have been busy multi tasking and I am sorry that i did not have the amount of time to do all of the stuff that is needed and I have wasted my time making games when I should been doing other stuff and anyway the next update version 4 will not be until Thursday!I may change it to Friday because of the 5th of November! The day of fireworks and bonfires similar to Halloween but without trick or treat but anyway there may be a game for that day but who know because I am busy and I will say that there will be a shortage of game that I will be making due to the upcoming things I have to do so sorry about that and I would like to say the content may not be that good as well and I know the Halloween game has problems and so do most games and I know that and I am sorry about it but this game or version has added more or new coins and changed a lot of things and the text has been changed and fixed and more collectibles and a few things added to it I am not sure what I add and change sometimes and I may loose track so if I don't mention them in the description it's may be that I forgot about it so sorry but this is version 3 and I hope you enjoy it! V0.3

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