Jack's Adventures V0.4

By captain1234 :: Monday November 16th, 2015

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It has been a long time since I have uploaded a game here due to I was very busy studying and stuff and due to that I have stopped making games and version 4 has been delayed. I should have made version 6 by now but due to the problems I have resulted in some time loss and well you see it. Any who the game has been updated along with some fixes as usual and I am sorry that the game is not much now but will be in the future hopefully but that just depends so yeah and anyway I would like to say this. The fixes and changes I have made to the game are good but not really but that is up to you to decide but here it's. Then fixes, proof checked game, reviewed the game in more detail, added more land/ ground to stages and levels, , more collectibles,more collectibles to gather, scenery improvements, re-did text and changed it, moved characters around, enhance the performance of the to suit the experience for people to enjoy, re put main character at the beginning to new point, fixed more things in game, changed the game, making game harder as well as removing coins as well as putting more in, add more trees to landscape, less health for character in game, chances of getting attacked by monster leaving you with less health high, new story element and much more so if I have forgotten and I am sorry if I have missed anything out. The next version maybe released this week or the next but it depends so yeah and I hope you enjoy the game!!

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