Jack's Adventures V0.5

By captain1234 :: Saturday December 12th, 2015

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Good Evening everyone and I am truly sorry for it has been a very very long time since I have published a Jack's adventure version. I am sorry that it has been a while since I have did this. The are many factors which contributed to me not making a game for so long. The factors are that I was to busy study, I have a lot of studying and a lot of that to do and the other contributing factors are that I was busy with other games, the other factor is that I was to tired to do this, I was pre-occupied doing other stuff and I am sorry that I have not been making a lot of games and and I am very sorry and I know were're going to hit 1000 views for my games. I don't know if I will be making a game for that because I have to make all of Jacks Adventures versions by Christmas. I am planning to make all of the versions by Christmas as a treat and I am currently also busy working on a Christmas game but I don't think you would like it at all. The game may not be fun to enjoy and it may be boring fall you all so yeah. People may not like that and I am sorry if you do not but I am crackling out Jacks Adventures versions every 2 days now and I hope you enjoy them. I have been working and spending a lot of time into these games and I hope you like them anyway there update for this version of the game includes changes and fixes and they are, that the game has been tested and more enhanced for the player to enjoy and experience and designed for the player to experience the game and for them to enjoy the game. The game has been tested for the glitches and problems and also the the scenery in the game stages and levels has been changed and many things in them have been added and changed to suit the player and the aesthetics of the game surroundings. The ground in the game stages have been added and and the texture in the game has been changed to suit the player and the game surroundings. The coins in the game shave been made harder to get by removing some of it but some more has been put in different stages of the games as well making the game fair more over there has been more collectibles added to the game to make it better by the game having more of a challenge to it to make it better, the game is harder but a some what easier as well. The quality of the of the game has been improved in this version to meet the player demands and requirements meaning it more smoother. Characters speech and text has been been changed and added as well as adding more characters to it as well, the speech of the character matches them and the speech of the character is identified when the speech comes up with the picture of it foremost it appears int he correct place and it appears when the characters is talking furthermore the speech of the character has been changed by that the speech of the characters has less typos in it. The game has been improved so you have a better chance of winning the game. The difficulty of the game has been increased and as well decreased and now the chests actually appear with the text as well it saying congratulations on one of the stages even more the text on the sigh's are displayed correctly. Collectibles in the game have been made harder to get and the game performance enhanced. Flowers and decoration has been added to make the stages look nice and the aesthetics to appear much more better. More story has been added to the game to make it better as well make more stages and levels meaning more characters have been added plus more items added. The music in the game has been changed and different types of music has been added to the stages to make it song better. The coins, characters and text has been moved around. Touches to make look like lamps have been added, added new tents in market, added more and more shops. If I have missed anything else I am sorry but I hope you enjoy this game and hopefully the next version will be done and published on Monday the 14th. That will be version 6. This is version 5 and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you all! v0.5

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