By chaosez :: Thursday June 3rd, 2010

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Chaos, is my main character for my comics. He's an Evil boy.. I'll upload the comic passage soon.. Otherwise enjoy the game. ;)========Comic========Chaos walked slowly into the dark and gloomy room. Someone clapped the lights flickered and turned on, they were bright and made the room light up. Chaos saw a flash, heard a bang then saw his master, Master. G. "Hello Grant!" Said Chaos happily, "That is Master. G to you." He shouted. "Okay, sorry I didn't realise that you were this bad!" "Shut up, sit down." Master. G boomed. Chaos sat down and looked up, Master. G walked into the light, Chaos saw him; he was from a totally different species, yet he still ruled this planet. He was in a full black suit, with a gold trim.  "Whoa.." Chaos said. "This is only my morning clothes, my afternoon ones are much better." He said in a proud voice. "Oh my god, so you have two pairs of clothes a day?" Chaos asked. "No. I have three a day, because I do have pyjamas! Anyway enough of this clothing buisness, you're here because you're this planets weakest teenager. So you are going to destroy the E-" He was interrupted. "Hang on why should the so called 'Weakest' do the dirty work? I'm not the weakest of all teenagers! Repeating; I. Am. Not. The. Weakest!!" Chaos gave Master. G an evil glare as the master looked away laughing. "You are under my control, now do what I say and use my VapourizerDX to destroy the Earth!!" He shouted. The word Earth kept spinning in his head, he had to destroy the Earth! He couldn't he had been there as a holiday and seen how happy the people were. But he also heard they reckon the world may end in 2012, and it was 2012. Could this be the end of the Earth? Questions were popping into his mind. "The Earth it is then." He said sadly. "And others... I want planet Earth, planet Dorg, planet QuilingFG and planet Neptune destroy. Here's he Vapourizer go. Now!!"  Chaos ran out of the room. He wouldn't really destroy the planets, if he had the choice, but this time he has to. He got in his SL-Slim Pod and flew off on his terrifying adventure. What will happen next? Find out next time in 'Chaos:'.