By charismatic :: Sunday June 30th, 2013

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In 2010, a user with the name 115 logged into the forums and entered a game titled 90909Ikillpeople into EGD. It was his only post, and when the game was released no one knew what to think of it. It didn't get any good ratings, but was quickly taken off the site for unknown reasons. No one that commented on the game logged on after that, and everyone seemed to forget about it. In 2012, the user flooser reported having the game appear in his saved games, although he'd never created anything like it. It matched the original game perfectly. But, the game was quickly removed from his account again, and flooser left sploder soon after. Other users have reported seeing it after him, but they always disappear. I have recently had the game appear in my saved games, and would like to share it with the public of Sploder before it is deleted again. 115's account was deleted off the forums, although none of the moderators recall banning it. It's IP is untraceable. The game appeared on my account with the name 'rejected.exe', here is the game.


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