T.N.T. 3 World 1

By chase428 :: Monday April 3rd, 2017

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This game has been long overdue for and its finally here. Easter Eggs, Cheats, and Cheat Codes are here, go to https://chasedavis428.wixsite.com/chase428games and click on T.N.T. 3 World 1 and you will see an arrow pointing to an ? mark next to my avatar for the cheat codes. Note that I am doing my best to fix my website. I will give you two cheats, The first one is a cheat where bolt is capable of jumping on the sides of the blocks or on walls (Bolt can jump on everything), The second one is a glitch in the game where Bolt can sometimes jump in midair (this does not work all the time). This game involves power-ups too. I also have a YouTube Channel coming soon. Enjoy!


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