By checkthepan :: Thursday July 31st, 2008

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The world is in ruins. There has been an invasion of aliens that tore apart your solar system, right down to the last asteroid. You happened to be one of the only survivors of the explosion. Your goal is to be able to get to the end of space to regenerate all that was destroyed. But, life is not that easy here. You are living, in a nightmare. READ ONCE STARTED: "What... What's that noise?" You find yourself trapped in a small room with a menacing device. From your past experience you note it is a teleporting device. "Muahahhahahhahah.... You think your escape is right infront of you... but, that is the pathway to your demise." "Who said that?" "I am watching over you mortal, and you cannot escape out of here alive." "We'll see about that" You mutter under your breath. READ AFTER ESCAPING FIRST MAZE: "So, you can take a puzzle or two. But, can you take real combat? I've designed... a... test, for you." READ BEFORE BLUE SPIDER FIGHT: "So, you were able to get through my traps, huh? Well, you're not going to be so lucky this time. I've called a monster for you." READ AFTER BLUE SPIDER FIGHT: "Boy, that thing was tough. *pant* I wonder if that's the only one..." Gas fills the room and you are temporarily stunned. "Whats going on here?" "It's my way of saying, you shouldn't be here. Now, time to let you get out of this cave, the easy way." You choke and fall to the ground, panting for breath. "Hmm... a resistent one... Well, I'll spare him this time. But if he meddles again... No, he won't." A lazer hits you square on the chest and you shrink down to the size of a bug. READ ONCE IN SECOND INVISIBLE MAZE: "I've designed a rat-maze for you. A bit of chese here, and the exit there..." READ ONCE ESCAPED FROM MAZE: "You can't trick me with your mazes! I'm too smart for that!" "We'll see. Guards, apprehend that man." READ BEFORE LAZER ROOM: "Well, you've made it this far. But you won't survive the room I have in store for you..." READ AFTER LAZER ROOM: "This guy won't die. Guess I'll have to obliterate him in the next room. Ready the Stationary Weapons." READ AT YELLOW SPIDER: "Since you won't die from any of my traps, my minion will do the trick." A zombie walks out from a door, ready to fight. "Let's see if you can beat this one. *Evil laugh*" READ AFTER BEATING SPIDER: "Grr... This guy is tough. We need to get rid of him once and for all." READ BEFORE ENCOUNTER WITH RED SPIDER: Getting to this guy's key won't be as easy... I've given you a one-man mortar and ammo to do the job. But are you really smart enough to finsih it?" READ AT FINAL CORRIDOR: "He's making his escape! Quickly, Block the doors!" Panting, you run full-on towards the exit. You're being fired at heavily by turrets and guards, but finally- you reach the end. And just as a little treat, you decide to pull the 'self destruct' switch on your way out. Sure you'll never live the same way again. Sure you won't become your average size again. But, youve survived the toughest security system known to man. You should be proud. This, is an epic.


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