Unitium Physics: War of Heroes

By checkthepan :: Monday June 16th, 2008

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"The call to arms is a frightening thing- but it is necessarry to save what you fight for." As you are reading this in a book back at the base- a friend comes over. "The weapon is almost ready- all I need to do is install those last 7 energy crystals. Wait 'till the humans get a load of this!" He has the 7 crystals in is arms- when all of a sudden the wall bursts down from a human mortar- and a second one hitting you and your friend- causing both of you to get hurt and the 7 crystals to fly off into opposite directions. "Quick! we need to get those crystals to win this war! Unfortunately, the crystals got sent into the prototype disruptor room- weapon storage rooms and out into the rest of the building! Also, hostiles are running into the base too- WE'RE SURROUNDED! SAVE YOURSELF, MY FRIEND!" As soon as he says this- he is shot down by a missle. blood splatters everywhere- and you know what you must do.


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