By chopshop :: Wednesday July 28th, 2010

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I swear to splode God, this game will rattle your mind in ways unimaginable. You are looking at an announcement for the greatest game ever made, founded on a revolutionary new system that trumps anything anyone else has ever thought of. This is MY epic game drop. This will prove to be the most influential game idea of all time, EVERYONE will want in on this, But no. Only a chosen few will have the chance to be in on this, I have already chosen them. So don't even ask. The chosen few for this super secret project are Whtever (Confirmed) Bobbler (He jizzed in his pants when I told him) Darut1234 (He said he'll do it) Tookewl (If I can get in contact with him, My big bro will want to be in on this) I would also like to have neal in on this. You can contact me for information. Part 1 will be released next friday the 13th. Reserved for my alternate account. Projectslingshot. Sploder's gift. Forever sanctum. Play it. Jesus says so.


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