Blurry By Ben

Review by chowder119 on Wednesday, October 6th 2010
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Blurry is a game created by benisaewsome







Blurry is a fun and challenging game, it's traps are amazing, and the puzzles are interesting. The story was also interesting, the game is a collab of Ben and Killer.

The enemy placement was great, the health and power-ups was good. The actions are very good, and game has many rooms and traps.

My game-play is not bad, unless I got stucked in the magnet trapped. The games scenery is nice, not good, not bad. The thumbnail makes it interesting to play.

Blurry's description:

You were bitten by a Rattlesnake. As the Venom started to get into effect, you started to go in some strange trance. You world got all messed up, this must have meant you were going into Shock. You need to get all the crystals to activate the anti-venom so you live. Will you activate the Anti-venom before the venom goes through your whole body and kills you, or will you save your life. Created by: Benisaewsome, and Killer47.

Good things, are the enemy placement, the health and power-up placement, action, and fun playing, it's addictive and the scenery. Bad things, are the lags, not too much.



-fun playing

-action packed



-traps and puzzles





8.8/10 Great job Ben and Killer!


Blurry Reviewed by chowder119 on Wednesday, October 6th 2010. Blurry By Ben - A game review written by chowder119 for the game 'Blurry' by benisaewsome. Rating: 4