Labrynthia By Liv33vil

Review by chowder119 on Sunday, October 24th 2010
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Labrynthia is a game created by liv33vil





Difficulty: Hard

Game Review

Labrynthia is a maze game, but challenging. The game itself is telling you that it is hard, the game has many places or rooms. There are tricky parts too, the enemy placements are good, it is fun playing, action packed, and challenging. The thumbnail is good, and the title is very great.

Good things, the game is very fun playing, challenging, action packed, puzzles are the best part, and the hardest part of it, and a good enemy placements. Bad thing, is the slow game-play, it's big, takes time to complete, but other than that, Great game Liv!



-Action packed: Lots of action points and pushers.

-Fun playing: Very fun and addictive to play, and I recommend this to be played.

-Challenge: It is quite challenging, because of the pushers and the rooms.

-Scenery: Has a great scenery, a maze with challenge, and not just a maze.


Game-play: Slow, and some lag.

Overall Score:



Labrynthia Reviewed by chowder119 on Sunday, October 24th 2010. Labrynthia By Liv33vil - A game review written by chowder119 for the game 'Labrynthia' by liv33vil. Rating: 1