Future's Endings By Gallade265

Review by chowder119 on Monday, November 1st 2010
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Futures Ending is a game created by gallade265

Futures Endings

Creator: Gallade265

Genre: 3D/Action/Puzzle/Adventure

Difficulty: Hard

This is a 3D game and many of you will said that the 3D creator is bad, but this game is good enough for a 3D game.

This game has lots of enemies and switches, the starting point is very hard, because an armorbot is in the beginning of the game, p.s. you will have to sacrifise you team mate to pass the start. It is hard for new members and for some pros.

Enemy placements are scattered, but Gallade said they're are on good placements, but I don't think it is. Power-ups and health placements are okay, not good and not bad. It is action packed, fun playing, a bit addictive, and challenging. I say that this is a good 3D game but it wasn't organized, so I will give the layout a 3/5.

Puzzles, are the same, the doors and the switch shields. There are some enemies that needs to be removed, cause it's lags too much, the lag of this game is horrible. It's a good 3D game for me, but it's not feature worthy to me.

Good things:

Health and power-up placements, action packed levels, fun playing, a bit addictive, and challenging.

Bad things:

Enemy placements, too much lag, and the map layout.



-fun playing

-action packed



-power-up placements



-enemy placements


-map scenery

Overall Score 7.5/10

Great game.


Futures Ending Reviewed by chowder119 on Monday, November 1st 2010. Future's Endings By Gallade265 - A game review written by chowder119 for the game 'Futures Ending' by gallade265. Rating: 5