Blockhead Chapter 4 Easier Version

By chucky12 :: Saturday December 30th, 2017

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Since I feel that the regular game is a little to hard, yet the easy version is a little too pathetic, I made this version as an in-between version. Also, because I consider this to be the definitive version, this will be considered the good-future version (Think Sonic CD or the Zelda Timeline). Story: First came the homeless street urchin, and the sword of destiny given by a fallen hero. Then came the revenge of the ninja master, as well as his vengeful son. Then came the death of a wife, and a time-traveling ninja. Now, in Blockhead Chapter 4, you play a heroic ninja who must fight against fate. You've have dreams of this mission. The entire layout is familiar to you. However, the robots and other baddies have managed to look into your brain when you are asleep one night, and they change it, according to how your brain wishes things to be changed. Little do they know, you have given yourself a bigger chance of success. Now, go through the world of your own creation, discover secrets, and stop the destruction of your entire life. Ending(only after you beat the game): You manage to make it through the twelve sections of insanity. However, you feel the ninja powers drain from you when you enter the underground bunker. Years pass, until it is 3001. However, despite yourself being kept in a container, you can sense trouble. It is time to go through another journey, one where you will hopefully save the universe once and for all. NOTE: Blockhead Chapter 5 is a possibility, but it will not be our for a long while, so enjoy the other four games while you wait, I guess.


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