Mr. Wingman and His Friends

By chucky12 :: Tuesday February 6th, 2018

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This is a Remake of the game I made of the same name. Story: In a universe where spaceships are hatched from capsules, in a spinoff to Mr. Wingman, you play a living, breathing, purple ship that hatches two spaceship children, who you must quickly gain the trust of in order to get through this spider-ridden maze to get the crystal, which is essential for powering the space generator of life. Will you do it, or will you come up empty handed? This game is very mazy, so I suggest using your map. (If anybody wants to post a walkthrough for this, post your video below, and I'll link it here. All credit goes to anybody willing enough to go through such torture. I'll also give out an award and make a tribute to you in my upcoming game, Blockhead Chapter 5.)


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