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Review by cian009 on Sunday, November 13th 2016
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Cooperators is a game created by makever


From the creator of “Jumpie” and… “The Running Green Hill”? Makever makes a return to craft another masterpiece as his entry to the Epic Game Drop 9. A game that finally unravels the reason behind Geoff making a game making site instead of a game? Cooperators, the first Physics Puzzle Maker in Sploders history to introduce a total of twenty-eight stages within eight levels, a feasibly reason to why it got inducted into the Epic Game Library and left “Nesting Box” in the dust.

We’ve all heard of the One Hit Wonder “Jumpie”, and the brains behind it, Makever. A kid who found himself on this site six years ago only making mediocre games. The type of games before his prime nobody would bat an eye to. Will this wonder kid continue to surprize the community in the years to come? I sure hope so. With two features and an EGL under his belt, Makever has definitely made a name for himself around here.

I’m fully aware of the fact that I’ve spent a good portion of this review not discussing the targeted game and that this segment is aiding that fact. I’d have never acknowledged Makever’s existence if it wasn’t for his game Cooperators. Sure, “Jumpie” gave him some recognition but was never close to what the budding game maker deserved but what he achieved from his game Cooperators.


The first thing you witness from any game is of course its thumbnail. I’m not going to lie, the thumbnail for this game looked like a jumbled mess and was somewhat intimidating. It’s not until you actually play the game that you realize the thumbnail displays the final 4 stages of the game. It was a missed opportunity for Makever, it would have been nice to see him make a few 60x60 graphics for the thumbnail that display the games title and the bipeds.

In the first level we are introduced to the bipeds. Makever does a good job of teaching the player the controls by displaying the controls around each biped respectively. He also prints the controls to operate each biped on their face so the user can distinguish between them and remember their unique movement.

Makever assures that it is impossible to fail or mess up the first level or first four stages. He teaches the player that they must use each biped to complete a common task, which in this case is collecting the… “Gobstars”? Straight away you learn that the bipeds can only interact with their respective colours. He does this by giving that player the opportunity to collect the black star through the use of the white biped. After attempting this task, the user realizes that the star can only be collected through the use of the black biped.

A new concept is introduced in each stage and a unique atmosphere and scenery in each level. This keeps the game fresh and interesting for the player as they tackle the twenty-eight carefully crafted levels.

By the time stage seven rolls around, it is made clear that the player must complete each stage without killing off any of the bipeds. The concept introduced in this level reminded me of Jeff385’s game, “Duplexity”. I wasn’t surprised to see that the consecutive stage was titled “Duplexity”. I was expecting and somewhat hoping this concept would permeate the game. Going off of home much I’ve seen from the game, it appears as though it does.

It’s not until level three where we are introduced to the bipeds arch enemy, the Icks. From my interpretation of the story, it seems as though the Icks are also after these Gobstars. At this point in the game the player still has no clue why they need to collect these Gobstars and what collective advantage they would have from doing so. I haven't experienced a lot of the game as I didn't make it too far, but the walkthrough definitely assisted this review. That being said, there's not much more to write given that I did not get to experience the whole game for myself.


In my opinion I think it’s safe to conclude that Cooperators is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest game Sploder has ever witnessed. The game fully deserved to be featured and of course it’s place in the Epic Game Library. I am extremely eager to see what Makever has planned next and what other tricks he has up his sleeve. This may be positive or negative depending on how you look at it, but I really can’t see Makever topping Cooperators. However, I hope he does.


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Cooperators Reviewed by cian009 on Sunday, November 13th 2016. 💎CYAN REVIEWS💎 - Cooperators - A game review written by cian009 for the game 'Cooperators' by makever. Rating: 5