Energy mill1

By cinnamon98 :: Tuesday June 30th, 2009

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old man eyes fun cool go 2 end tip get all crytals the shiny beauty of beatiful crystals and the wonderful sun flowers of energy do not get lost in the windmill fans you will be pulverized in the water of doom because electric absolutely hates water a lot because you get get shocked with the mans sunglasses oh how they are scary you will also get shocked by lighting nighting and parilyzed by your riches when you are done with your wonderful journey of crystals if you do not get this you do not understand energy oh how wonderful it is to witness the beauty of energy mill 1. i hope you will see the awesome power that will change your wonderful life forever and ever forever. cherish life with all you cute heart and HAVE A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment please I hope that changed your whole life time and life


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