[WR] Does Unnamed Really Mean It Will Be A Bad Game?

Review by ckmbud on Wednesday, July 27th 2011
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Unnamed is a game created by tumeke

Welcome to [WR] Reviews. Today I'll be Reviewing Unnamed by Tumeke (Though it wasn't requested in the [WR] Station)


I saw that Tumeke, my little friend had a new game. As I went forward on and played the game I expected an extreme brain-crushing game, because of his other wicked Platformers. My expectations were high, but were they true?

Creativity Level

With a plain name, it brings the Creativity in Unnamed down. But to add to the creativity, the puzzles, the unexpecting trails, traps, and overall the concept of the game was quite creative in a variety of ways, and for example Tumeke had added confusion, action and uniqueness into the game.

Puzzles and traps

Yes the puzzles and traps. I thought that this game was a perfect puzzling game, just like I expected. In Unnamed you were left confused and didn't know what to do, and made the game cooler, and nicer. There were times were you weren't sure if you were actually supposed to go in the direction to! Overall the game was mainly about puzzles and traps.


There was no scenery in Unnamed but with an unnamed game, it's what you'd normally expect. Using the fonted tile with no background, makes the game look boring and can easily make players think it's a boring game, but I knew it was going to be fun, by looking back at Tumeke's other games. So not well at all on the scenery category.

Overall Placements

All of the placements to blocks to enemies were good. Not bad, not awesome but good. There were sometimes were I questioned myself why did Tumeke put the block there and other times were it satisfied me. The starting point or the Thumbnail, looked kind of messy yet cool for an example of good.


It was totally what I expected. A fun paced puzzle game. I was glad of the game, because it's puzzle astonishment's and traps to. Well done Tumeke on your amusing game, Unnamed!

Thoughts For The Future

There aren't anything to be added but more scenery and design especially. Maybe a better, more action-like name, but great puzzly game. I do expect another Platformer considering it is your skill on sploder, Tumeke.


There were very well thought puzzles placed nicely in the game, followed by fun, hard traps. It was also quite creative and fun to play, with a very nice difficulty.


Boring name, with very plain, and I'm not kidding super plain scenery, which gave me doubts on Unnamed. Also some blocks could have been placed better, but some were placed well though.


Creativity: ____/_____
Puzzles: _____/_____
Traps: _____/_____
Scenery: __/____
Placements: ___/_____
Overall: ____/_____

Overall great fun game. Better luck on your next Platformer Tumeke!


Unnamed Reviewed by ckmbud on Wednesday, July 27th 2011. [WR] Does Unnamed Really Mean It Will Be A Bad Game? - A game review written by ckmbud for the game 'Unnamed' by tumeke. Rating: 4