Farm master demo

By cliff06 :: Thursday December 25th, 2014

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Here's how you play: Just like in my previous game "Lemonade life", you use the mouse. Drag the products to the shipment crates to sell them(the ones that look like chests). Use money to buy and upgrade things. Crops: These are products that you can sell. You can buy a plot to plant more crops. You can buy fertilizer to speed up the production but that requires to buy both plots of a particular plant(there is different fertilizer for each crop). Money Boost: It helps you produce better quality products to gain more money. Makers: These are houses that make product out of existing products. Catsup maker makes catsup out of tomatoes, Yarn Maker makes yarn out of wool, Cheese maker make cheese out of milk. You cannot buy makers unless you have the required products, for example you need tomatoes to get catsup maker. You can upgrade the makers to speed up their production. Animals: These are like crops, they make products that you can sell. You can buy up to 2 animals of each kind. There are 3 types of animals, the cow, the sheep, and the chicken. The cow makes milk. the sheep makes wool and the chicken makes eggs. Automatic: These are buyable items that can help you transport the products to the shipment crates without dragging them, just like the name implies, its automatic. There's 4 automatics, the harvester which deals with crops(it's the sickle). The Dairy transporter, it transports dairy(its the one with the milk and cheese icon). The Wool transporter, it transports wool related products(its the one with the wool and yarn icon). And finally the Catsup transporter, It transports catsup(it's the one with the catsup icon). These Automatics are like the robot in lemonade life. Skulls icon: This thing is like a recycling bin. Drag excess money here to get points. The numbers: These are the amount of money required to buy the product. The locks: These are like blocks. These prevent you from buying items. To get rid of them, you must complete a requirement, for example you need to buy tomatoes first to buy the catsup maker, otherwise it will be locked. Please vote and comment what you think. If this becomes popular, I'll make the full version.


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