Human Haxxer demo

By cliff06 :: Saturday January 24th, 2015

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You are Luke. You are given the power of astral projection. You can leave your body. But that is not your only power. You also have the ability to hack people. The government has heard about this so they want to do horrible experiments on you. You have to escape them. Hacking is very hard. The brains of people are guarded by their puzzles inside their heads. It's their imaginations trying to fend off the hacker. To completely hack them, you must solve the puzzles in their heads. You can see if people can be hacked or not. People with their hack meters full mean they can be easily hacked while people with unable words with them mean they can't be hacked. In Astral Form, avoid the soul guards(the spinning soul things). It can pass through many walls and can't be harmed by guards. Some walls are strong and can't be passed through. In human form or If you are controlling somebody through hack, Don't touch the blue police. Pink police are guards. They can be touched without ending the game except if you are controlling a criminal.


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