Lemonade life demo

By cliff06 :: Wednesday December 24th, 2014

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Hey guys, heres the complete instructions: So you have a lemonade stand, sell lemonade, its that simple. Drag the drinks to the customer with the mouse to serve them. Use the money to buy or upgrade things. You can also upgrade the lemonade production. The TV is for attracting more customers, you can upgrade it. You can buy oranges to sell orange juice, it attracts orange lovers, you can upgrade it also. The robot is for automatic serving, It costs 3 money. The yellow customers are the lemon lovers while the orange customers are the orange lovers. If there is excess money, you can drag it to the skull icon to get points, it's like a recycling bin. Customers don't have all day to wait so be quick in serving them or they'll go away. If this becomes popular, I'll make a full version. If you're wondering why Canada's flag is there, it's because I love Canada, so I made him the main character


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