Sonic Levels Sploder Style Beta

By comickid13 :: Thursday June 11th, 2015

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This is the beta version of a game in the making right now. Since not many want to test it, I decided to make awards. Minor Prize: Test and leave a comment and you're name will be in the "Hall of Testers" on the final level. Note; You do NOT have to beat the game to wn this prize, just test it and leave a comment. Major prize: Actually beat the game or spread the word to other users about this game and you'll be featured in-game and in the description. I will also add you as friend and play your games. Plus the Minor prize. Grand prize: Be the quickest to beat the game and you'll receive an award from me. I am currently leveling up to that ability. If you're the quickest, you WILL receive that award either then or in the future. Plus the Major and Minor prizes. Contest ends when I reach level 9 in the final version of this game.


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