By cosmo77 :: Thursday February 13th, 2014

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have you ever whanted to know what they do at area 51? well they use alien technology,with it they test it on other planets....some times blowing it up,and they did so on a planet.only one alien he came to earth and maid a vast robot army.there was one special one named 13m3.he was programmed to inslave all of mane kind.only YOU can stop him,thats your you ask?hes maid of steel,melt him and you win,but all the tools maid my man was destroyed,what else is hot enough to melt him? THE MANTLE UNDER OUR FEET!so reprogram him and send him down....oh and all the other robots will fall if there leder does,13m3.good luck....{credit to mat7772 gerald123 splatter creatingames and wetfrodo for graphics}


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