By creatingames :: Sunday February 5th, 2012

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You heard a noise from downstairs, it sounded very unusual, you knew you had to go and see what it was. You went downstairs and there you saw this very strange cat. "I'm not just any cat," he said, "I'm a magic cat." This was very odd, you had to do something. You gave him a stroke, but he didn't like it, so he some how kicked you away and he took your four crystals away. "h-h-how..." you said. "How what?" The cat replied. "Um... how did you do that?" You asked. "Magic." said the cat, and he disappeared. Then you were teleported to this very strange looking place. Your heart was broken, those crystals were very precious to you. You were worried that the crystals might of been broken. You looked down, you saw that parts of blocks were broken. Everything seemed to be broken to you.


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