[MR] Free Runner In Neon?

Review by creatingames on Sunday, May 29th 2011
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Free Runner Neon is a game created by lcraniuml

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Lcraniuml's fifth featured game, I was expecting a great game after what I've seen from him before. From a puzzling plat to amazing shooters, I was looking forward to see how good his first featured physics game is.


Welcome to my twenty seventh review and my twenty third [MR]. Toady I'll be doing a review on 'Free Runner Neon' by lcranuiml. Now lets take a look at this game.

Game Play

So from how far I got into the game, all the levels were challenging. I think that the game suited the title, but there was still a bit of a boring scene. I like how there were different colours in the game though which would let you know what to go on and what to not go. From how far I got into the game, I would of expected to see an enemy, as there were just hazards.

This is a game where I was looking forward to see what the next level will be. There were nine levels in this game and lcraniuml has created a game that probably would of taken about a few days or a couple of weeks to create. I recommend you play this game if you haven't played it yet.


Now this was quite a puzzling game thinking about what to do next. Trying not to touch the hazards and you might think that sounds quite easy, but it's actually not. The blocks are placed so well and that's what makes the puzzle in this game. Cranium has so done well to make this game this puzzling.


Now it's time for the placements. The hazards were placed in the right positions most of the time. Dangerous walls and floors placed brilliantly. There were the right amount of lives at the start of the level each time so you don't have to collect them in the game. The placements are just amazing.


...The action is what lets the game down though. It was a game that was fun and enjoyable after the first three levels, but then it started to get a bit boring. I was starting to get a bit bored of not trying to hit these dangerous walls and floors. I think that cranium has gone a bit to far in this game. That means there will be a big difference to the ratings now and would knock one score off the puzzle and the placements in the ratings as well.


Challenging Game

Very Puzzling

Well Placed Hazards


Bad Scene

No Enemies

Poor Action

Ratings (Out of five):

Game Play: ___/_____
Puzzle: ____/_____
Placements: ____/_____
Action: __/_____


Overall, this game deserves a 3.25/5. Altogether, I was expecting a better game than this, but this is still a good score.

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Free Runner Neon Reviewed by creatingames on Sunday, May 29th 2011. [MR] Free Runner In Neon? - A game review written by creatingames for the game 'Free Runner Neon' by lcraniuml. Rating: 5